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Alexandria Little League

2022 All-Star Player Selection Process


2022 All-Star Teams

This year, Alexandria Little League (ALL) will field one team in each of the following divisions:

  • 8/9/10 (Expected to be composed almost exclusively of 10-year olds)
  • 9/10/11 (Expected to be composed almost exclusively of 11-year olds)
  • Majors (aka Little League) (Expected to be composed of 12-year olds)
  • Intermediate (Expected to be composed almost exclusively of 13-year olds)
  • Juniors  


Player Eligibility

  • Players who have played a minimum of 60% of his/her team’s regular season games in the division from which he or she is selected
  • Players who live or attend school within Alexandria City boundaries (proof of residency or school registration required for all players; required paperwork will be collected/completed after All-Star selections are made)
  • Players must be able to attend 90% of all practices and games during a limited time (i.e. no vacations/sleep-away camps during this time)
  • Players must attend practices and games ready to participate actively, and thus should consider whether other activities may inhibit that commitment.  Consider that for every player selected, there are usually those who are not who would eagerly welcome the opportunity to play.


Player Commitment Requirements

  • Selected players must commit to 3 - 4+ weeks of intensive practice/game schedules (see schedules below)
  • Practices several times a week or possibly daily (non-game days)
  • Multiple games played; locations can vary throughout the metropolitan area
  • Absences due to conflicts (i.e. other sports/vacations), unless approved by the All-Star Manager, could lead to suspension or dismissal from team
  • Players unable to meet practice and tournament schedule should re-evaluate his/her All-Star consideration and eligibility


2022 All-Star Player Selection Process

1. Team Votes

In coordination with team Managers, ALL’s Player Agents and/or assigned volunteer Team Parents will conduct and oversee individual team voting sessions immediately following games on Saturday, May 14th.  Players will receive ballots listing all players for each team within their division and will be instructed on voting process. 
Each Minors and Majors player will have the opportunity to:

  • Vote for up to seven (7) players in their respective division (not including his/her own teammates), and
  • Nominate one (1) teammate and one (1) division team for the Alexandria Little League Sportsmanship Award.

Note: Ballots with more than the instructed number of votes will be invalid; All-Star managers solicit information from regular season managers and coaches separately.

2. Final Selection

  • The players with the highest number of votes in each age group in each division will be placed into a pool of players to be considered for All-Star selection.
  • Each All-Star Manager will select from the pool to complete the team, in consultation with regular season managers, Commissioners and the All-Star Selection Committee; League umpires may also be consulted.
  • Obtaining a top vote is not a guarantee of selection to the team. Since our league’s mission is to build better citizens of our children through the game of baseball, ALL places a premium on ensuring that the players who represent our program beyond Alexandria have also exhibited good sportsmanship.
  • All-Star Managers will be encouraged to select a broad range of players from a cross-section of teams and based on the needs to compose a team.
  • The team will consist of a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 14 players (per Little League rules). ALL encourages taking more players so as to maximize the All-Star experience. Team size can be affected by qualified player availability and various external factors. Decisions on team size will be made by the Manager in consultation with the All-Star Committee and subject to Board approval.

3. Additional Selection Information:

  • Regular season managers and the All-Star committee may provide player recommendations to the All-Star Manager (no parental input/lobbying allowed).
  • Teams will be comprised of:
    • 8/9/10:
      • Typically, 10-year old players; one or more 8- and 9-year old players may be selected if circumstances reasonably warrant such selection(s)
    • 9/10/11 team:
      • Mainly 11-year old players; one or more 9- and 10-year old players may be selected if circumstances reasonably warrant such selection(s)
    • Majors
      • 12-year old players; one or more 11- or 10-year old players may be selected if circumstances reasonably warrant such selection(s)
    • Intermediate
      • 13-year old players; one or more 12-year old players may be selected if circumstances reasonably warrant such selection (s)
    • Juniors
  • Each All-Star Manager will select his or her coaches (under Little League rules, two coaches are required for the team) in consultation with the All-Star Committee and subject to ALL Board approval.
  • The Alexandria Sportsmanship Award ballot calls for:
  • Players who exhibit the best sportsmanship amongst their own team.
  • The individual team within each division that displays the best sportsmanship within their Alexandria Little League division.


Player Notification & Roster Announcement

  • Once an eligible player is selected to an All-Star team, Alexandria Little League’s Player Agent or All-Star Manager will notify the player’s parents to determine if the player is able to commit to the applicable team.
  • If a selected player is unable to participate, then the applicable Manager, in consultation with the All-Star Committee, will choose a replacement player.
  • Final Rosters will be announced on or after June 1.

We ask that you read the information below, discuss with your child and decide whether this is right for you and your family at this time.


Does Your Schedule Allow for All-Star Tournament Play?

Daily Practices:  Starting approximately first week of June



We don’t have dates yet from the District, but generally, each Division begins play mid-June for what could be one to two weeks, and teams can progress to the State Tournaments in July; or in the case of Majors last year, did not begin tournament play until July 1, concluding in mid-to-late July.  The District will most likely provide tournament dates later next week, which we can then post to the ALL website.  This additional information may help you and your child decide whether participation is right for you. 


Let Us Know

To make the process of forming All-Star teams easier, we are seeking to identify those players who are unavailable and should not be considered to participate.  A few things to note:

  • Don’t worry:  Opting out for the 2022 All-Star season will not impact your child for future post-season consideration
  • Being eligible does not guarantee selection
  • Previous All-Star selection(s) will have no bearing on the 2022 roster
  • Non-ALL baseball experience (i.e. travel or school teams) will not influence selection

If, after family discussions regarding scheduling, priorities and goals, you find that you prefer to have your child opt out of 2018 All-Star consideration, please email  with the following information:

1. Player Name
2. Spring 2022 Level
3. Spring 2022 ALL Team Manager

Deadline:  May 28, 2022