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Baseball/Softball Field Users Responsibilities 

Provided by the Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities
Park Operations Division 


  1. Organizations are to follow all City of Alexandria posted field rules and regulations at all times. PETS MUST BE ON A LEASH IN THE PARKS AND ARE NOT ALLOWED WITHIN THE FIELD OF PLAY AT ANYTIME. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PLAYING FIELD AT ANY TIME. Water, sport drinks and sunflower seeds will be allowed by the players and coaches. Teams must have their snacks after the game outside the field area. This will allow the next team to come in and prepare for their game. All trash must be placed in the trash receptacles when finished. Smoking is not permitted around the field or any school grounds. Encourage spectators to smoke in the parking lot area or any other area away from the field.

  2. Check the Youth Sports Hotline for game field conditions at 703.883.4697 or the Adult Sports Hotlines at 703.883.4698 or 703.883.4699.

  3. When arriving at the facilities for the scheduled baseball games, please check the facility for vandalism and any health and safety concerns in the facilities before allowing teams to enter the fields for the games. If there are vandalism or health or safety concerns, please notify the staff person on duty on site.

  4. On game days at the facilities, an organization’s representative must introduce themselves and meet with the Site Coordinator at the beginning of their first game (there are different sets of officials that may come during the day), to review the rules and regulations of the facility and to inform them who the field monitor is for the games. The organization’s representative should make contact with the recreation department site supervisor to be sure the fields are properly cut, dragged, lined, the field lights and sound system and the scoreboard are turned on and working properly. The organizations are to monitor coaches, participants, and parents while teams are using the facilities.

  5. Only allow authorized individuals (coaches, players, organizations administrators and etc.) are allowed to enter on the fields. All other spectators must remain behind the fence areas. Only the coaches listed on the rosters are allowed on the field of play, unless cleared by the field monitor.

  6. Adults only from each organization shall be in the press box during each game. The organization’s representative must let the site supervisor on duty know who will be in the booth. NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED IN THE PRESS BOX AREA.

  1. Any conflicts or issues that arise with the use of facilities or the equipment should be directly told to the on-site department personnel or the Youth Sports Supervisor or Adult Sports Supervisor.

  2. Children of spectators should be monitored closely, insuring they do not enter any unauthorized areas and participate in any unsafe activities (hitting in batting cages without helmets, soft tossing into the fence or throwing balls around the spectators).

  3. In the event of an emergency, call a rescue squad and inform the staff person on duty at the field immediately. An account of the incident should be given to the on-site staff person and forwarded to the Youth Sports Supervisor or the Adult Sports Supervisor.

  4. At the conclusion of the last scheduled game, all teams are to rake (homeplate and pitcher’s mound) the field, cover the homeplate and pitcher’s mound area before leaving the facility. These will be done under the supervision of the on-site staff member.

  5. At the conclusion of practices, all teams are to rake the field (homeplate and pitcher’s mound), cover the homeplate and pitcher’s mound area before leaving the facility. Follow all proper procedures when raking the field area.

  6. The fields at Luckett and Ben Brenman will not have staff on site for games. The closing procedures at Ben Brenman should be followed as listed in the #10.

  7. Organizations who fail to properly follow the outlined procedures and causes damage to the fields will be invoiced for the repair cost to correct the problems.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

    MAC SLOVER - YOUTH SPORTS SUPERVISOR – 703.838.4345 x566 YOUTH SPORTS HOTLINE - (703) 883-4697