Sponsored By:   Pediatric Associates of Alexandria
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Alexandria Little League
2019-2020 Season

Voting Members Non-Voting Members
President – Sherry Reilly AGC – Amy Heiden
Vice President/Webmaster – John Harrington AAA Commissioner – Ben Matthews
Secretary/Safety Officer – Jane Spence AA Commissioner - Tom Lynch
Past President/Fields – Paul Miller Minors Commissioner - Tom Blackwood
Treasurer – Susan Hodges Intermediate Commissioner - Donald Thomas
Player Agent / All-Star Committee Chair – Ryan Ware Communications Lead - Ali Whitley
Director of Baseball Operations – Jason Lumia Co-Communications - Angie Piscitelli
Head Umpire - Joe Davis Co-Communications - Richard Yates
Scheduler – Thomas Canning Umpire Scheduling - Dave Osinski
Player Development/Clinics – Steve Sternberg AA/AAA Player Agent - Connie McKay
Outreach – Victor Prince Minors Player Agent - Edwin Rodriguez
YSAB Liaison – Chris McKay Majors Player Agent - Lauren Reid
Majors Commissioner - Jason Jones Intermediate Player Agent - April Blackwood
  Long-term Field Development - Darryl Wilson
  Co-Long-term Field Development - Katie Finn
  Yearbook – Mark Briscoe
  Sponsorship - Lee Dunn
  Equipment - Geoff Kruczek
  Opening Day – Arthur Carpenter-Holmes
  Concessions - Marianne McInerney
  Team Parent Coordinator - Jennifer McHugh
  All-Star Coordination – Sherri Mahlik
  Spring2Action - Richard Yates
  Nationals Relationship/Tickets – Mary Reid

Gala Chair - Katy Young


Gala Gift Basket Coordinator - Emily Schell Jones


Volunteer Coordinator - VACANT


Merchandise - VACANT