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Accident/Injury Protocol 2017/2018 Season

Coach/Manager Responsibilities:

  1. Treat the injury immediately. For any injury or accident that requires medical assistance, coaches/managers are required to seek professional medical assistance through 911 calls.
  2. Notify the parent via email or phone (the same day) of any injury or accident that incurred involving their child.
  3. If the injury or accident requires something other than simple first aid or a cleaning and covering with a bandage, the coach or manager must notify the Alexandria Little League Safety Officer the same day the injury occurred.
  4. The safety officer shall work with the coach/manager to make sure an accident report is completed and filed appropriately. 
  5. If the injury requires medical attention or is a concussion, the child will not be allowed to return to practice or play without a written authorization form the medical professional or parent. The written authorization must be submitted to the coach/manager and the coach/manager must submit to the Alexandria Little League Safety Officer.

Alexandria Little League Safety Officer
Sherry Reilly