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Can I become an umpire?

Anyone who has an approved Volunteer Application form on file with the League (dated within the prior 12 months) can be an umpire.  Adults can either be volunteers (unpaid) or paid contractors.  Youth 14 years of age or older can serve as paid contractors, or elect to be volunteers.  Youth under 14 years of age must serve as volunteers.


I’d like to be an umpire.  Who do I contact?

Please contact the League’s Umpire in Chief.  The current Umpire in Chief is listed on our website under “About ALL/2018 Board of Directors”.


Is there training?

Yes.  The Umpire in Chief holds training sessions in advance of the spring & fall seasons.  There are also opportunities to work pre-season scrimmages with experienced adult umpires.  Additionally, umpires receive booklets with Little League rules and umpire-specific information.


I’d like to be paid for serving as an umpire.  Am I an employee of the League? How much will I be paid?

League umpires are independent contractors, and are responsible for payment of all income, social security and medicare taxes (including the employer share of social security and medicare).  You will receive a 1099-MISC from the League if you receive more than the IRS-designated threshold amount during the calendar year (currently $600).  Anyone wishing to be paid for serving as an umpire also needs to submit a W-9 form to the League Treasurer.

Little League umpires are paid on a per game basis.  The Board sets the per game fee, and for 2018 the fee for new Little League umpires was $40 per game if inexperienced or $45 per game if experienced (e.g., have worked non-Little League games).


How often do I get paid?

Time sheets are submitted monthly to the Umpire Scheduler.  After review and approval by the Umpire Scheduler, the time sheet is forwarded to the League Treasurer.  The Treasurer makes a good-faith effort to send out checks within 5 days of receiving the time sheet from the Umpire Scheduler.


Do I have to buy my own umpire equipment?

The League provides umpire shirts, hats, face masks, chest protectors, shin guards, ball bags, strike/ball indicators, and plate brushes.  Pants should be purchased by the individual umpire.  They can be general wear pants (no jeans, sweatpants, shorts, etc.) and do not need to be pants especially designed for umpires.  Umpires may also provide their own equipment, should they wish to do so.


How are umpires selected to work a game?

The League has an Umpire Scheduler who works with umpires to determine availability, and then will contact each umpire once the division schedules have been established to determine if the umpire would like to accept a game.  If the umpire declines the game, then it will be offered to another umpire.

The League prefers that umpires work games from the various divisions (AA, AAA, & Majors), as each division provides different levels of play and being exposed to different umpires at their games promotes a richer experience for players.


Is there a minimum number of games I need to work?  Is there a maximum number?

There is no minimum number of games required to be worked in a season.

The maximum number is determined by the availability of other umpires, and your own desire to work games.  However, it may not be in your own best interest to work 3 or 4 games “back-to-back”, as the weather or mental fatigue can create a strain on even the most seasoned umpires.


Am I insured by the League?

Adult and youth volunteers are covered by the League’s insurance.  Independent contractors must join the ABUA in order to work League games.  Membership in the ABUA provides accident and liability insurance coverage.  The League currently reimburses umpires for ABUA membership as an incentive to work our games, subject to receiving a copy of the membership invoice and the umpire working more than twelve (12) League games.